etecmo Simulation Suite


Because we understand the complexity of professional driving simulations when scalability is required, we developed the etecmo Simulation Suite to cover all user needs. From third-party physics engine integration to radio communication or data analysis, etecmo covers all the requirements of professional simulation.


etecmo Universo is real-time 3D graphics engine specifically developed for simulation

  • Real-time Ray Tracing rendering engine.
  • Physics Based Rendering PBR.
  • Multi IG cluster, with synchronized sim state across all nodes.
  • Integrates VIOSO core.

etecmo Interact is a real-time contact model for vehicle driving simulation

  • Up to 1000 contact points per tyre.
  • Tyre patch calculated at up to 10 kHz.
  • Interaction data of virtual sensors.
  • Compatible with std. laser scanned surfaces.
  • Wheel to ground interaction data.
  • Compatible with external tyre models, i.e., MegaRide Physical Models (RIDEsuite) or FTire.
Physics Host

etecmo PhysicsHost is an abstraction layer that allows the implementation of specific physic engines such as Canopy Realtime DIL Model or AVL VSM

  • Soft real-time and hard real-time compatible.
  • Dynamic environment evolutions, i.e.,track temperature, air temperature, humidity‚Ķ
  • Global and local grip zones.
  • Track grip evolution.

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