Quality Policy

ETECH MOTORSPORT, S.L. aims to achieve customer satisfaction through the supply and delivery of software, hardware or services that meets the requirements and expectations of their users.

This is achieved through our Integrated Management System that meets the requirements of ISO- 9001:2015 and ensures our business processes are carefully monitored, measured and controlled to promote a continual improvement in our environmental performance.

ETECH MOTORSPORT, S.L. undertakes to develop its activities according to the following guidelines:

  • Develop the activities carried out in such a way that the requirements of clients, legal and regulatory requirements are met.
  • Aim for Continuous Improvement in all products and services (software and hardware).
  • Establish all mechanisms and resources required to accomplish with the two previous sections.

In coherence with the previous guidelines. There will be established and periodically reviewed in the different areas of ETECH MOTORSPORT, measurable quality objectives.

In addition to all this, ETECH MOTORSPORT, S.L. is aware that:

  • The quality of the service provided together with the software and hardware developed involves all members of the organization.
  • All members of ETECH MOTORSPORT, S.L. will be responsible for the quality of their work to the extent determined by the Management System itself.

Therefore, this Quality Policy must be known and applied by all members of the organization.

Alzira, May 2023

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