etecmo Simulation Suite

etecmo Simulation Suite is a professional simulation software that incorporates Universo rendering engine, Interact contact model, Physics Host, and other analysis tools.

It offers a comprehensive simulation environment designed with a holistic approach covering all the needs in DIL simulation. From system configuration to data analysis.


Motorsport is an incredibly competitive field where it has been proved simulation plays a key role to improve performance.

etecmo simulation suite brings driver preparation and engineering development to the next level.


etecmo Simulation Suite includes specific integrations with AVL VSM and Canopy VM. It is also compatible with any physics engine thanks to our integration API.

The driver-in-the-loop simulation goes beyond driver preparation. It will allow your engineering team to complement the development done using lap time simulation tools.

Running the same vehicle model allows the evaluation of certain aspects of the vehicle setup, such as balance, consistency, or drivability, which can't be considered in lap time simulation and might end up being as relevant as Aerodynamics or suspension parameters.


etecmo's rendering engine, Universo uses physically based rendering and real-time Ray Tracing technology which makes it a very powerful tool for ADAS and autonomous driving systems training, development and Testing.

Reproducing in real life all the huge amount of data required to train sensors and strategies is extremely expensive and time-consuming. This is why big part of the future development on autonomous driving will be completed in simulation.

Vehicle dynamics development is also a field of application. Being able to evaluate handling or ride and comfort of the vehicle during the early stages of the vehicle design will be of high value.

This is not only limited to vehicle design, it would also apply to tyre development or vehicle physics models to be included in ADAS systems.

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